An easy way to get rid of headache

Headache, stress, migraine......
Headache, stress, migraine......


For a while ago I went to bed with a headache like nothing I have earlier experienced. It was probably connected with the “famous” winter flue that is normal for this time of the year. You now probably think that as a Reiki instructor I would fix this easy… well… sometimes it is unfortunately not possible to focus when the pain is to big. Anyway, I went to bed and had a really hard time trying to sleep, and at the same time my husband was snoring like a bulldozer ;) I was almost out of my mind… believe me. I thought it might help drowning my husband’s snoring with meditation music, and maybe that would even stop the snoring! And did it? Surprisingly yes, he become almost quiet ;) And what did it do for me, except getting rid of “the bulldozer” next to me? Well… my headache slowly, slowly went away…


It was really a feeling that every tone went in to my head and released my pain piece by piece, and before the music stopped my pain was totally away. I mentioned it for my husband the next morning, but did not think more about it, before a couple of days later… My daughter had been home from school with the flue and had also a bad headache, and that morning she came in to my room after I had made my daily meditation and the music was still on. She lay down and complained on headache and asked if, with a dissatisfied expression on the face, if this was one of my yoga/meditation music (as a teenager she is not actually in to this kind of music these days) and I said; “Yes, lay down and relax a bit”. Surprisingly she did, and suddenly after maybe only 3-4 minutes she said; “Wow, this music helps on my headache.”


From Yoga, Meditation and Reiki, I know very well that tones, mantras, music etc influence the energy flow in your body, and that certain music influence brain activity so you can relax better, perform better, release pain etc., but this feeling that the music tone by tone took away the headache that quickly really surprised me. This made me google out more about this topic, and I found out that a lot of studies support what I had experienced. It is 3 points that is important regarding the choice of music and which have a positive effect, not only on headache, but also on migraine:

  • It should be slow and flowing music that holds 60 to 80 beats a minute
  • It should be no lyrics
  • It should not be to loud, recommended 60 db maximum

So next time you feel a headache or migraine are starting, lay down, put on some relaxing, nice music and just let the music do the work – It is worth a try ;)


Here is some of my favorite to music;


Greatest Buddha Music of All Time

Buddhist Chants & Peace Music


If you have other suggestions for music be free to add ;)  


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