Enlightenment – just the ability to have fun?

Does this make sense?

Maybe, after reading an article that enlightenment is just the joy of life or having a great sense of humour, I start to wonder if this might be right.


What release stress, anxiety, fair etc. more that joy and happiness. We all feel free from everything that lies as a pressure on us when we laugh of something and are having a fun and happy time. Humour is said to be the best cure for a lot of mental suffering so let your self have a good time during a stressful day, make a joke, do some pranks and laugh!


Maybe this is what the Buddhist means about reaching enlightenment; Learn to laugh of your self and the life generally.


I’m a big fan of Alan Watts and he once said; “People suffer only because they take seriously what gods made for fun.” 


So my advice is:


Start every day with something positive

that can make you laugh, stop taking everything

in life so seriously and enjoy life!


You can star with reading this article from The Way of Meditation, it might give you a good laugh already now ;)


Heidi Faugli Feurer


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