"Utetid" for adults - Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation is perfect to perform in the open air!
Yoga and meditation is perfect to perform in the open air!

I was just reading an article from Norway where some scientists have found that children are much more concentrated and less hyperactive after spending time on outside activities. Probably almost everyone who are a parent, have ever doubted this. Haven’t we all sent the kids out when they seem to be bored or everything is going wrong? Well, we have a mentality in Norway that kids from the day they at least enter the kinder garden (around the age of one year), we have “Utetid” that means that the kids normally have play time outside or going on a small hiking, if it is in the forest, to a park or whatever.



This article made me think of how much time do we as adults spend outside? At what age did we go from spending a lot of time outside to only be going from one building to another or a car, spend all day in an office, before we then go home again a stay there the rest of the evening? Oh yeah, we do exercise… but that is also often inside a building or? Personally, I think it would be better to just go for a walk, and just relax and enjoy the nature....or instead of going to your gym running on the treadmill, go for a run outside and breath in some fresh air at the same time!



Several studies show that to walk for an hour has more or less the same effect as a hard work out in a studio/gym. Instead you should try Yoga or Meditation in the nature, letting your thoughts fly away, and just get a mental refreshment at the same time!



You can meditate as you are walking or find a quiet space, if it is on the ground or on a bench, it does not matter. Just relax, ignore others and be in your own world. You can put on some nice music to listen to on you headphones, or why not just listen to the nature’s own music…..birds that chirps, leaves that blows in the wind. It’s a lot of sounds in the nature that is like balsam for your soul!



Yoga is perfect in the open air, open you mind for the above mention sounds and feel the body become one with the ground, the grass or other substrate you have chosen to perform Yoga. You do not need to bring a Yoga mat, the ground is normally soft enough!



So take the opportunity already today and go and get some “Utetid” for yourself!Look around you and feel one with the great nature we still have here on earth!


Heidi Faugli Feurer


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