Why you can solve physical pain with Reiki

Yoga and Reiki
Yoga and Reiki

Except from that Reiki is balancing the energies in your body. It can also be used to balance or heal your Cakras. Normally we connect neck, shoulder and back pain to stress or other physical reasons as desk, computer and other office jobs, and I, among others, recommend Yoga or other stretching exercises to solve this problem. But as more I have the experiment with Reiki and Chakras, as more I believe that these problems also can be solved with Reiki, and especially when we balance the Hearth Chakra.



Our Hearth Chakra is very powerful when it comes to emotional cases and as a result we often transmit our sorrows from the hearth over to our body. And what is more natural then it is the back of our body close to the hearth that get the most weight. Closing our hearth after a bad experience, leads to a protection of the hearth as we often believe this will help us from getting hurt. Often when we protect us like this we tighten our upper body, sometimes we cross our arms in the front of the torso, and the you often get pain in the neck, shoulders or back.



With Reiki you can unleash these knots and tights and learn to relax this upper torso, and at the same let love back in to your hearth. With more love you will open up for more positive things to happened and different love come in to your life. Remember it is only you self that can let someone hurt you with worlds or action (non-physical), as these are only words and you can choose how you will react on them.



Reiki also give you a peace and harmony that will make you in a better mood, and then again be more responsive for love, and in combination with some easy Yoga movements you can loos up both your body and mind.




Heidi Faugli Feurer


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