5 Feelings/thoughts that might make you sick

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Mind hurt body....


Have you ever thought how the way you think can affect your health and body?





We are often unaware of the effect our minds may have on us as humans. Sometimes we may feel stress, tension, anxiety, depression, social anxiety and other negative feelings without even considering how it can affect us emotionally and physically, or how it can reduce our quality of life. According to Chinese medicine, there are five feelings that can harm your body.



Sadness or grief: It comes from disappointment or even stronger, from separation or loss. It mainly affects the lungs. Sadness affects the entire body and can cause heaviness, shortness of breath, fatigue and depression. Therefore, we need time to express and accept our sadness.



Caution: It is caused by uncertainty and tends to weaken the spleen. Caution is related to diseases of the breast and shoulders.



Fear: Fear is associated with the kidneys, affects the opening of the stomach and is associated with renal failure. These changes derive from the tendency to suffer from irrational fear. Unacceptable fear is transmitted, which causes problems in the liver and heart.



Horror: It looks like fear, but it's more extreme. Horror is associated with physical and emotional problems. It can lead to memory loss, disorientation, palpitations, dizziness, tremors, sweating and fainting.



Anger: It can take many forms. Irritability, frustration, envy and rage. Mind turns into headaches, neck pain, dizziness and especially liver disease.



The link between body and mind is much stronger than we think, so our thoughts and feelings stimulate the production of certain chemicals that affect our physical and emotional health. For example, serotonin and dopamine are two chemicals that our brain emits when we experience happiness or euphoria. A similar process occurs with negative emotions, but instead of making the body good, it causes pain and other ailments that prevent us from feeling well.



How do I fight negative thoughts and feelings?



To cope with negative thoughts and feelings that can occur at any time in life, it's important to think positively, no matter how difficult or prohibitive it may work.



When negative thoughts and feelings try to take over life and health, it is very important to take a few minutes to reflect, meditate and find out if the situation is worth spending time and energy. Chances are that after an exercise like this you want to make changes to your life, rather than complain and let your feelings control you. As I have mentioned in an article before, to rise the Dopamine level in the brain also inflect on hour body and immune system.



Take charge over your mind and body – try out Yoga, Meditation or Reiki to balance your body and life!





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