“Non, je ne regrette rien….” / “Que Sera, Sera…”

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Positive Thoughts

Negative thoughts and feelings can come at any time in life, and to combat these, you should try to Think Positively.


When these negative thoughts and feelings comes, it's important to reflect on whether they are worth spending time and energy on, or not. After a time of meditation and reflection there is a great chance that you will find that there is no point in complaining and letting them control you, and that you instead should try to get some positivity into life. As I pointed out in a previous article, these negative thoughts and feelings will also break down the immune system, and there is a chance that you will be affected by various diseases or pain.


There are mainly two topics that gives us negative thoughts and feelings;


Often have things happened in the past that leads to negative thoughts and feelings, and when you realize you cannot do anything about these things, it's easier to ignore them and also think of something positive that happens today, now at this moment! Remember “done is done”, and you cannot change the past!


As Edith Piaf sings; Non, je ne regrette rien….” (“No, I regret nothing…”) – Start from zero and let the past be the past!


The other thoughts or feelings that can lead to negativity is regarding what “might happen” in the future. Stop worrying about things that you don’t know anything about. Life often take another way than we have planned anyway, so “go with the flow” and live today, maybe the future will be better than you have planned…. The future can never be planned down to every detail and I do not yet know any who have predicted the future…..except maybe for Nostradamus 😊


Try to think a bit more like Doris Day’s song; “Que Sera, Sera” (“Whatever will be, will be”), and maybe your mind then will be ready to focus on positive things instead of negative.


You must also realize that everybody has negative thoughts and feelings sometimes, so do not think that you are the only one and that it is not ok, it happened often to everyone, but the clue is to not dwell on them too much. Instead, remember that this is only thoughts or feelings that you can control yourself. Do not let words that others say drag you down, you choose how to respond to words other say to you. Words cannot hurt you! But how you react to these words is important – and you can let them hurt you or you ignore them and go on with your life in a positive way.



Last, but not least – to be a Positive person

is a matter of Choice, Good Thoughts and Feelings,

and You are the only one that can do these Choices!





Heidi Faugli Feurer


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