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Yoga & Meditation



With all the stress we often have in the daily life it’s easy to feel stressed and getting anxiety, that again can lead to the feelings of powerless and hopeless.


Regular Yoga practice can help your nervous system to cope better with stress, anxiety, release worry and discover inner peace. As Yoga is focusing on breathing, meditation/ mindfulness  and poses that relax your body, it’s excellent if you are struggling with anxiety.



You do not have to be soft or in good shape to do Yoga. Yoga is both therapeutic and preventive at the same time. Yoga is not just sitting with your legs in the cross and meditate, nor standing on your head for 10 minutes. There is very much in between there too!



With only 30 minutes a day you can easily solve these problems with only a few Yoga poses and a short Meditation.



Yes, a short Meditation is better than nothing. Before people were thought that a Meditation needs to be performed at least an hour or so, but lately this has changed. There are now several studies that prove the benefits of only a 3-5 minutes Meditation. The clue is that when you are able to totally relax and focus your mind on nothing, or only on your Breathing, a few minutes Meditation will make you feel recharged.



The Yoga session does not either need to be long as you with only a few poses can let you body and mind feel relaxed and recharged, you only need 3-5 minutes in every pose. Some of the best Yoga poses for this is:


  • Meditation pose (Sukhusana)
  • Child’s pose (Balasana)
  • Cat pose (Marjaryansana)
  • Forward bends (Janu Sirsasana)
  • Rest pose (Savasana)
  • Legs up the wall (Viparita Karani)
  • Happy Baby pose (Ananda Balasana)


Yoga has both an immediate effect in terms of relaxation and joy, and an important preventative effect in relation to both physical and mental ailments, injuries and diseases.



Mental Professionals is keen to adapt the Yoga to our students at the stage they are in, and we are completely convinced that the correct type of yoga can help most people on their way.


Heidi Faugli Feurer


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