Reiki during your sleep

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Reiki sleep

Reiki can help you to sleep better. Not only will you get a good night sleep, but you can also get answers on problems you have. So instead lying awake and thinking of a problem, you can set an intention that you would like to solve this specific problem.


After going to bed, set an intention that you will solve the problem. Let your mind think of the problem, but do not try to find a solution as this can block your subconscious when you sleep.


Then make a small Reiki self-treatment focusing on you head. Especially should you concentrate on the third eye/brow chakra, crown chakra and the back of you head. Do not use to long time as it can result in a head ace because you are developing and increasing your psychic awareness and intuitive power. If you at the same time draw Reiki symbols on these chakras you will probably solve or get a solution during your sleep.


Waking up in the morning with a clearness on a problem should be something everyone should try, it will save you for a lot of worries and head ace, and of course you will get a good night sleep!


Others also combine Reiki with Angels, especially archangels as Michael and Rafael are used with Reiki Master symbols, and often is it to help children to sleep. The use of crystals, especially rose quartz, are also helpful to give a good night sleep. Place the crystal near your pillow during sleep, or on your third eye/brow chakra before you sleep, and it will give you the relaxation you need.


To visualise that you are covered of a blanket of Reiki or that you are in a Reiki cocoon, like a bubble of Reiki energy, is also method’s that is much use against insomnia or other sleeping problems. Both the blanket and the cocoon will help your body to relax, and together with a self-treatments and symbols you are almost guarantied a deep sleep.




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