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Manuka Honey - Nature's antibiotics & gold?

Honey - Nature's gold. Manuka Honey, antibacteriell, Yggdrasil lip balm - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Honey - Nature's gold.

As I have started to sell home made products with aromatic essential oils and other natural ingredients, will I write of some of the main ingredients I am using.


I will start with the amazing Manuka Honey.

There are many types of honey, but the Manuka honey from the Manuka bush stands out with its very special characteristics. The honey is produced from this bush that grows only in New Zealand, and it is t
he flower that is the source of Manuka Honey. The evergreen plant has especially antibacterial agents, and for centuries the mazes have used both the bark, the calf and the leaves from the bush to treat flu, fever conditions, stomach problems, wound treatment and various skin problems.

Manuka honey has in recent years been used and tested in wound treatment at several hospitals and institutions with highly promising results. German researchers found in 2006 that the unique antibacterial properties of Manuka honey are due to a very high and natural content of methyloxy (MGO ™).


New research shows that Manuka honey can inhibit streptococci. In various attempts, British researchers at the University of Cardiff and an Australian research team tested Manuka honey on Streptococcus Pyogenes.

The honey showed its own ability to inhibit bacterial growth, and already two hours after the honey was applied, 85% of the bacteria had disappeared. It has also been reported that Manuka honey can act as inhibitor of more than 80 different types of bacteria.


An other study conducted by researchers at Cardiff Metropolitan University who has come to the conclusion that manual honey can cleanse and entire wound infections, as well as prevent them from developing. It makes me happy to read that several hospitals in Scandinavia have tested Manuka honey on rift and injury wounds, with a successful result.

So as the winter is soon here with flu viruses and bacteria floating at low altitude, the best thing you can do is to strengthen your immune system to keep the evil away from you. To take a teaspoon of honey  one to four times daily is all that is needed. If you have
sore throat you can spray the honey directly into the throat.

Manuka honey has no reported side effects, but you should be careful about giving the honey to children under one year, or for allergy sufferers who respond to products from bees.


So Manuka honey is good for colds, osteoporosis, stomach problems AND counteracts wound infections,

and as my "Eir - Lip Balm contains Manuka honey, why not try it!