Healing .... truth or bluff?

Reiki works with your own energy.  Relax, let go, enjoy the peace - Monya Aisha Faugli - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki works with your own energy.

A question I often get when I talk about Reiki, is if it really helps or do anything at all. And I will answer Yes! My clients always have one feeling or reaction after a treatment.


This can be everything from feeling very happy and relaxed, to very emotional. And that is as it should be, as long as it is every individual persons own energy we are working with in Reiki.


More or less all of my clients feel much better after a treatment, either physically or mentally. So who are others to judge if it works or not? But people always want
scientific evidence on everything and now for the first time a study conducted in Norway, referred to in the Norwegian newspaper Arendals Tidene this week, shows that people seeking a healer report significant improvements after few treatments.

Over a year, all participants experienced, to some extent, improvement after about four treatments on average. The patients were placed and tested in four categories: mental problems, pain, exhaustion and the category of others.  And, not so strange after my experience, pain was the category that showed the greatest effect.

This new report by NAFKAM is the first Norwegian research done by this type of treatment and has also received great international attention. In October the report was published in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. In Baltimore it was also presented in a healing congress.


According to the researchers, the report provides a good foundation for further research on the alternative treatment method.


But whether it's a healer or, as we do in Reiki, an other person that help people activate their body's own energy so they start it's self-healing, that causes healing to work, remains to be seen in future research.


I think as long people get help to solve different problems, energy healing or Reiki can not do any harm!


Heidi Faugli Feurer