Animal Reiki

It is not just people who can enjoy Reiki. Animals appreciate and receive good help from this form of natural treatment, and you can say that all animals love Reiki. The animal intuitive sensitive energy quickly captures that here's something good for them.


Maybe you have asked yourself questions like; Why do my pet destroys my home while away? What makes them act this way? What can I do to help him or her?


The answer might be Reike…..


When animals are left home alone while at work, or out for the day, many of them get sad and anxious. Their energy builds up and seeks a way to release it. Animals can do a lot of mischief like messing with garbage, chewing things up, or even going to the toilet in the house, tearing pieces of the toilet paper. This is especially true for dogs, but cats can also feel this anxiety, and scratch up furniture or shake off everything in the house.


They often do this because they are overwhelmed by fear. They think when you leave the house that you are gone forever, and it feels that way to them. The fear of never coming back, that you no longer love them or that you may have forgotten them is great. Animals feel such strong emotions and it is difficult for them because they don't always know what they feel or why they feel. And when you get home, they are so happy that they couldn't hold back the violent joy, and they get nervous and hurried. Then they may also destroy something. Animals feel love and joy, and they feel lonely and sad. You are their best friend and they depend on you.

If you have a dog as a pet, you are the herd leader!


So why not try out Animal Reiki on your beloved pets?


The animals usually state clearly in their behavior regarding how long they will have to deal with reiki. Therefore, a Reiki treatment for an animal will be somewhat more unpredictable in terms of duration and how the treatment is conducted. From experience it works well with several, shorter treatments of about 30 minutes. The best is often to have a treatment at home, in an environment they know and can feel safe in.


Many animals find their way to the Reiki healer and heal themselves. Horses, dogs, cats and rabbits enjoy being present when their owner receives Reiki. For dying animals, Reiki helps provide comfort, relief from pain, fear and anxiety, and will facilitate the transition to death.


Reiki in animals, provides the animal with balance, calm and confidence. When taking a Reiki I course you can easily treat you pet, or other animals. You will experience the subsequent difference between your cohesion and the dog's behavior.


If You would like to know more or book a course, please feel free to contact me.