Yoga & Meditation for kids? Of course!

Children today grow up with lots of different impulses. In addition to school, homework and leisure activities, we also live today in a world full of impulses from the Internet. Children feel they need to be online all the time by interacting with friends on various social media, and then it's hard to calm down and just do nothing and relax.



In Norway, several kindergartens have introduced both yoga and meditation as a quiet and fun break in everyday life. At school it is not yet that common, but I guess this will come as the performance pressure on school children is only getting bigger and bigger.



I have not yet seen this being introduced in schools here in Switzerland, but know that some teachers have taken the liberty to set aside time for this when there is room for it, and I this I find great!



Yoga and meditation are valuable tools for getting in touch with oneself and the inner strength we all have in us. Children also need to learn techniques and tools to strengthen their self-esteem and relax.



It is also important not only for adults, but also for the children to be in balance. These are the basics of feeling more satisfied, happy and fulfilled.



What can we do as parents?



It gradually starts to become more and more yoga and meditation instructors who do like me and offer short courses to teach children simple exercises both in yoga and meditation, which the children can do at home, either with their parents or alone.



Not only will this allow the children to calm down, but it will also provide a good quality time for the parents along with the children. At the same time, this forms a basis that may allow the child to continue with these relaxing exercises in adult life. I might not now have so many customers in a few decades, but then I have at least been giving children of today a better opportunity to cope with today's fast-paced society and stress 😉


If you would like to know more or join one of my courses, either for your child or for your self, look at our booking page or contact me.