Reiki, Yoga & Meditation

Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 07. August 2019
Have your pet anxiety? Maybe you should try Animal Reiki.

Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 28. Juli 2019
Studenten und Kinder sind oft gestresst und haben Konzentrationsschwierigkeiten. Mit Reiki und Meditation kann dies gelöst werden.

Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 28. Juli 2019
Students need inner peace for concentration. Reiki and Meditation can help most students and kids to relax and concentrate better.

Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 09. November 2018
A study conducted in Norway shows that people seeking a healer report significant improvements after few treatments.

Honey - Nature's gold. Manuka Honey, antibacteriell, Yggdrasil lip balm - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 07. November 2018
As I have started to sell home made products with aromatic essential oils and other natural ingredients, will I write of some of the main ingredients I am using. I will start with the amazing Manuka Honey. There are many types of honey, but the Manuka honey from the Manuka bush stands out with its very special characteristics. The honey is produced from this bush that grows only in New Zealand, and it is the flower that is the source of Manuka Honey. The evergreen plant has especially...

The Wheel of Dharma, The endless cycle of samsara/rebirth, Buddha, Karma - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 30. August 2018
As there are some years ago I studied Hinduism and Buddhism at the University of Oslo, I started some days ago to refresh and look into other peoples opinion about what really Karma is. And my result I think is as many as there are people who have written about the topic. So to give a short overview about karma is no so easy, but I will try my best, based on different views. To start with the beginning - Karma comes from the ancient Indo-European language of Sanskrit, and must be translated in...

Reiki, sleep, relaxtion, insomnia - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 04. Juli 2018
Reiki can help you to sleep better. Not only will you get a good night sleep, but you can also get answers on problems you have. So instead lying awake and thinking of a problem, you can set an intention that you would like to solve this specific problem. After going to bed, set an intention that you will solve the problem. Let your mind think of the problem, but do not try to find a solution as this can block your subconscious when you sleep. Then make a small Reiki self-treatment focusing on...

Yoga & Meditation - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 26. April 2018
With all the stress we often have in the daily life it’s easy to feel stressed and getting anxiety, that again can lead to the feelings of powerless and hopeless. Regular Yoga practice can help your nervous system to cope better with stress, anxiety, release worry and discover inner peace. As Yoga is focusing on breathing, meditation/ mindfulness and poses that relax your body, it’s excellent if you are struggling with anxiety. You do not have to be soft or in good shape to do Yoga. Yoga is...

Positive Thoughts, feelings, no regrets, let go - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 16. März 2018
Negative thoughts and feelings can come at any time in life, and to combat these, you should try to Think Positively. When these negative thoughts and feelings comes, it's important to reflect on whether they are worth spending time and energy on, or not. After a time of meditation and reflection there is a great chance that you will find that there is no point in complaining and letting them control you, and that you instead should try to get some positivity into life. As I pointed out in a...

Yoga, Reiki and Meditation - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki, Yoga & Meditation · 15. März 2018
Have you ever thought how the way you think can affect your health and body? We are often unaware of the effect our minds may have on us as humans. Sometimes we may feel stress, tension, anxiety, depression, social anxiety and other negative feelings without even considering how it can affect us emotionally and physically, or how it can reduce our quality of life. According to Chinese medicine, there are five feelings that can harm your body. Sadness or grief: It comes from disappointment or...

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