Easy going - the way to well-being

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Reiki - Workshop with Heidi Feurer in Dietikon, Zürich

Activate your self-healing powers in a relaxed way. We help, slow you down, give you strength and peace. More information can be found here.


Yoga mit Heidi, Mental-Professionals, Dietikon

Various yoga methods lead to a relaxation and accompany you on the way to self-knowledge. More information can be found here.


Meditationen mit Mental-Professionals

The path to the relaxed "I" and a gentle deep relaxation.

More information can be found here.

Easy going - the way to well-being

Easy Going - MENTAL PROFESSIONALS, Dietikon, Zürich
Easy Going - the way to well-being

Welcome! Nice that you come to visit us on our website.

Everyone is unique with all their talents, quirks, fears and character traits. And you, as such a unique person with all your facets, are at the center of our work. Passionate, value-free, open-minded and effective, we respond to your concerns and wishes:

  • to increase your well-being clearly and sustainably
  • to activate your self-healing powers
  • to decelerate and relax in stressful situations
  • build your self-confidence
  • accompany you actively in a change process
  • find out and resolve the causes of your anxiety
  • recognizing recurring (life-) patterns and dissolving them sustainably
  • and much more

"Many roads lead to Rome." Just as with us - different treatment methods ultimately lead to the same goal. We work with hypnosis, meditation, reiki (energy work) and yoga.

Your well-being is very important to us. We do our best - for you!



Reto & Heidi Faugli Feurer