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Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher Heidi Faugli Feurer - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher Heidi Faugli Feurer




"Our souls should be like a transparent crystal through which God can be perceived."



Hildegard of Bingen



As the main instructor and responsible for Reiki, Crystal Reiki,Yoga and Meditation here at Mental Professionals, I will welcome you to this wonderful experience of Crystal Reiki.

The combination between Usui Reiki Method and Crystal Reiki, will change your mind and body for the better.


Therapeutic use of crystals and stones has been known in most cultures for millennia. So in addition to regular Reiki where we use only the hands, in Crystal Reiki we also include different crystals, which we either place on the clients body or the client can hold them in their hands.


Aslo for children or if you are pregnant this method of energy healing is completely safe.


Crystal Reiki create and maintain balance and harmony in your live. It will not only heal but also increase your awareness as well. There is a lot of different crystals/stones who is used i Crystal Reiki, and if you would like to know more about them, please read here.


So again welcome and your journey starts with us!


Heidi F. Feurer

Workshop & Treatment

We offer both Workshops and Treatments, built up for your need. The Workshop's runs normally during 2 days in the weekends, and have normally max 5 participants. All the Workshop's/Courses are certified, and you can do it for your own benefit to learn self-treatment, or you can become a certified Crystal Reiki Teacher & Master.


Our Treatment is individual and we offer guidance both before and after a treatment.


Hope to see you!


Heidi F. Feurer

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