Crystals & Children

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Crystals have always fanscinated kids.

Just about all children are fascinated by crystals, and if you let them choose themselves they often choose something they need. This might be because children often have a greater intuition than us grown up.

A child feel the power and energy that a crystal radiates, maybe without knowing it. The crystals assist you with ease and joy because it flows the energy of life from the crystals.


Children often respond quickly and well to healing. This is because they do not have as many opposites and blockages as adults.


Some of the Crystals that has a good influence on a child can be:


Amethyst: Help to release any negativity, provide support through transitions and encourage rest.


Blue Lace Agate: Help you with the feelings of calm and peace. It can help our children connect with their inner wisdom as they go out into the world.


Carnelian: Confidence, focus and concentration are associated with this stone which can be helpful for our kids.


Citrine: Help to get more confidence and maintain a child’s ability to clearly manifest.


Clear quartz: Help with clarity and resonance. You can set an intention with this crystal and use it to help amplify it to manifest a child’s desires.


Green Apatite: Help the growth and transformation of children.


Hematite: Help children with grounding and to create a safe and protected space around them.


Jade: Help the children with keeping the inspiration alive while ensuring their emotions are not overwhelming.


Red Jasper: Help provide children with courage and help them to release worries that they have been storing.


Rose Quartz: Help to show children about compassion and unconditional love.


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