How do you choose a Crystal?

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Crystals comes in many froms and colors - Crystal Reiki

Today you can buy Crystals and Stones in all varieties, both as small drums, like jewelry ot raw stones.

 When you begin selecting crystals for personal use, choose from the heart, not necessarily the head.


Try to choose with your eyes closed as you then will feel the energy of the stone without blending in you thoughts.


To have a small crystal or stone in your pocket, or to use it as a piece of jewelry or bracelets, will let the energy from the stone work with your energy.

The Viking's "Lyfstein"/Life Stone

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Eir was the healing goddess of the Vikings.

The Vikings, according to saga poetry and grave toms, seems to have been used crystals and stones linked to both health, healing and struggle/war activity.


Both in Iceland and Norway it has been found and examined digs where it has been found rocks that have been interpreted like such life stones. In the saga poetry we find several examples that the livestone is referred to as amulets. The crystals/stones were used to attach to the sword and it was carried in a purse around the neck of the Viking.


Some stones that has been found in the grave tombs have holes in, and one can imagine this have been for to easier carry them and tie them on. The crystals/stones were usually small, transparent, square stone, that
apparently has been in a purse in the grave. There are findings of  Zeolite, transparent Stalactite, Quartz, Flint and stones in colors like light blue, dark and  white, that is not specified. In many cases these stones had an unusual shape; like a human hand, egg-shaped, a wooden shoe an other special shapes.


Researchers assume that the Lifestone was used in different ways; like hung on or rubbed on the wound, and sometimes crushed to powder to put on the wound. Except from good health and luck, it seems like the crystals and stones also should bring happiness to the deceased in the world of death.


Crystals/stones and amulets have been one important part of healing and protective performances in the Norse/Viking society.



So why not try the same treatment as the Vikings, they for sure were successful :)


Which Crystal? Follow your intuition

There is a lot of different Crystals and stones. Start to collect just a few in the beginning and choose after how you react on them. Maybe you are attracted to a specific color or a form, how it feel to hold. It is many ways to choose a crystal or stone.


Here is a short list so you can see how some of the crystals/stones stands for:

  • Rose Quartz for love
  • Green Aventurine for money
  • Citrine for success in business
  • Amethyst for general healing
  • Tiger Eye for protection
  • Obsidian for grounding

A more specific list over crystals/stones you can read about here on "Types of Crystals".



Remember to clean the stone in a clear space.There are many different methods for how to clean crystals. You can let them stay overnight outside when it's full moon. The energy of the stone is re-enabled to its origins when it is cleaned this way. Running water, visualizing white light over the stone or sending reiki into the stone is also methods that work out good.


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Heidi :-)