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Crystals comes in many froms and colors - Crystal Reiki

 As mentioned before, there is a variety of crystals to choose from, and here I have set up a small overview that you can enjoy. And maybe it will be decisive for which stone you choose.


That would be a pleasure!


Amethyst has beautiful color range from light to dark purple and are as the Rose Quartz, also a Quartz.


Amethyst provides inner peace, cleansing and transformation. It promotes spiritual consciousness/awakening and helps us to understand that there is something that is above us, and that our limitations are primarily in our own minds.


It is ideal for meditation an good to avoid sleeplessness. It also absorbs negative energy and counteracts air pollution. It gives clear dreams and helps when decisions are to be taken. For migraines it is also very good.


The Amethyst has a number of good qualities, but the main strength lies in strengthening a spiritual feeling, strengthening the right brain, third eye/brow Chakra and pituitary gland.


Anyone who is doing some kind of self-harm such as smoking, negative thoughts,overeating, eating fatigue, yes - anything that can harm one's self, should carry an amethyst.



Agate occurs in a wide range of colors, which include brown, white, red, gray, pink, black, and yellow. And a special structures like banded patterns are the characteristic of many agates.


Agate gives power. Should I have given a Capricorn a crystal, I would have chosen an agate because of the Capricon's worry. The one wearing an agate feels a bit more balanced, a little less worried and a bit less concerned with the details.


The black Agate gives action and courage. The red Agate is said to chase insights away. Pregnant women should wear an Agate, says the experts on Agate.



Amazonite varies in color from yellow-green to blue-green, and may also exhibit fine white streaks. It is also known as the Amazon Stone, name taken from the Amazon River.


Amazonite is a soothing stone. It is also a stone that really boosts trade. No business should overlook this stone, believe Feng Shui experts. Another tip from Feng Shui is to add an Amazonite to the southwest in a room or in a house to solve negative energies in the home.


Amazonite is believed to reduce the tendencies of self-neglecting. It increases the self-esteem, and improves the way of communication and makes it more effective.  It also gives power to one to set suitable boundaries, privately in the strength of mind and establish healthy relations with others.


Amazonite is an amazing healer for the emotional body, as it has a calming effect, like the Amazon River. In the bedroom and in the car can be favorable places for the stone.



Bloodstone has a dark green color with presence of red, blood-like inclusions, and is the reason for how it earned its descriptive gemstone name. Some also call the Bloodstone for "heliotrope" and "Blood Jasper".


The Bloodstone is an analytical stone, but also know as the courage stone. This stained stone holds a lot of energy and is very laborious. It improves physical strength, enhances self-esteem and self-appreciation, and calms anxiousness. It also fights evil and prevents jealousy.


If you have trouble with urinary tracts, this stone can be worn in the trouser pocket. Likewise, by imbalance in the blood.People who feel they are martyrs and have to deal with all worries can get help from this stone. The stone encourages to develop an analytical mindset.


Bloodstone also enhances creativity and intuition.  Bloodstone drives away the negative environmental energy, which helps in the overcoming of influences like electromagnetic or geopathic stress.  It revitalizes and induces dreaming.


In summary, the Bloodstone is a stone that can be used to heal a long list of different diseases / disorders.



Citrine is a beautiful golden stone which the color varies from yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish yellow to orange. This stone is also a quartz, like many of the other stones/crystals.


The Citrine says to sharpens the intellect. It opens the Solar Plexus Chakra. A person who ties and closes this chakra becomes stressed, phobic, develops easy anxiety and panic. They become self-centered and they often reduce their own ability to feel empathy with others.


Citrine prevents the closure of this power center, and helps to sharpen the intellect, and is therefore nice to use before a school exam.


Citrine is said to be a tonic for the circulatory system and helping to cleanse the blood. 


Citrine is believed to be of value in healing the spiritual self. It carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement.


With the power of the sun, it is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias.



Heliodor is also a golden stone as the Citrine, and is known as a Magic Stone.


It is helps if you need to be solution oriented. This crystal clears the mind and makes sense more sensible, so you get a more solution-oriented mindset. So naturally this stone is connected with the crown chakra, which may motivate and energize your thinking.


It has an excellent ability to create a connection between the energy of your mind and your willpower. This connection helps you to move your life forward in the way that you desire.


Their vibration may help to trigger mental telepathy and may stimulate your creativity. Their role as healing stones can help you in a number of ways, for example when you are lacking energy, are stressed or have anxiety. 


This stone should not be applied to the skin as the stone contains uranium oxide and there are many that respond to trace elements of this. Worn in a bag it is completely safe to carry this stone.


Indicolite / Blue Tourmaline

Indicolites can range from light to dark blue, annd it has it's name from the color indigo.


Indicolite improves sleep and is said to be the most rare of the tourmalines. It balances metabolism and is also effective when people are suffering from skeletal complaints, such as arthritis.


Psychically, this is one of the best stones you can have in a meditation sessions, and is also effective against insomnia. Put an Indicolite under your pillow and you will sleep very well.

It also has the ability to accelerate the development of psychic mediumship and channeling.

It is a powerful Third Eye Chakra crystal, as well a potent Throat Chakra stone, that improve your communication abilities.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most famous stones in use since man's history began. Its deep, celestial blue remains the symbol of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.


As blue is the color of water, the life-giving element of the planet, the Lapis Lazuli crystal represents the many shades of self-expression and awareness. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra,  and can be traced back to ancient Egypt where royalty believed in its power to stimulate openness to the spirit world and infinite possibilities of the imagination. The scarabs were cut out of this stone. The wearer of Laipsen will overcome cloudiness, manage to speak in assemblies and stretch outwards to create contact.


Lapis Lazuli also protects friendship, and of all friendship stones, it is the most effective. The stone balances and protects friendship and attracts friendly friendly people. It also promotes strength and courage.



Larimar has a color that varies from white, light blue, green-blue to deep blue. This sky blue stone is found only in the Dominican Republic, and many claim that the Larimar originates from Atlantis.


Larimar can be used for protection from negative and bad energy forces. It balances the mind. As this crystal is a wonderful combination of air and water it is said to be a "psychotherapist".  It create a connection between thought and feeling. You get a balanced mind and you will get energy face everything from trauma to thought patterns. In this way people with social anxiety may consider wearing this stone.


It is also said that the Larimar is a nice stone to wear to find soulmates.



Moonstones can be in numerous colors, including blue, grey, white, pink, peach, green and brown, as well as colorless. It has a connection to the magic of the moon, and it is popular to use it as an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom.


It promotes the care and a desire for us to take care of each other. Moonstones help us see what people need and not just what they want.


Moonstones are considered to be a sacred healing crystal that manifests peace and harmony within the body and spirit. Caring, romance, emotion, moderation and patience is the field of this crystal. Give your beloved a moonstone on a full moon night and where there is a basis for emotions your loved one will have a wish to become. If there is no basis for feelings, your loved one will not accept the stone. Then it is time to move on.


It is also said that people who struggle with infertility should use this stone.



Obsidian stones are commonly Black in color of obsidian. Sometimes it can also be brown, tan or green, or even more rarely blue, red, orange, or yellow. This crystal occurs when the volcano's lava flows into water.


There are some variants of obsidian, where the Rainbow Obsidian is probably the most famous, it has also a nick name: The Mirror.


A black obsidian stone is a powerful crystal for protection, releasing negativity and helping to clear the buildup of psychic smog within your aura by acting as a psychic vacuum cleaner.


It is good to use for healing the Root Chakra and grounding. This is a powerful stone and it was widely used in ritual work, especially in Mexico and among Inka and Maya indians. The stone is powerful and first of all this stone opens your eyes, and also cures eye problems. One learns to see, to review. 


The black color is a masters color, and Scorpions are fascinated by this stone.



Onyx stones can have a color from white to almost every color. The most sought after color of the onyxes is the black, which is said to be a rock that really shakes down chaotic people.


The Onyx makes people more centered, more balanced and they get more in contact with themselves and the environment.


Onyx stones help you when you need to put realistic plans in to life and to implement these. It creates a balance in mind.


The red-brown / white onyx (also called Sardonyks) draws friends into life and these friends often bring success and joy.


Further more it protects against confusion, loosens on sadness and creates stability.


However, it should not be used by melancholic people who often feel that this rock is just heavy and pushes them down.



Prehnite stones are usually light green in color, with a whitish hue or yellowish ting. Someone call it "olive green" and it is not often to see in deep green. 


This stone helps you to get rid of material values of high quality. Wear a prehnite for a few days - you will notice that it will be easier to throw all that is just there and never used.


People who practice Reiki should definitely have such a stone in the room where they work. The stone creates harmony in the room where it is. It also helps you to connect to beings on the higher spiritual planes, and enhances spiritual growth.


It is also said that this stone is excellent to use when you are unconcentrated, has ADHD or ADD.



Rhodochrosite crystal stone is pink as the color of love, which makes the it a must-have addition to your collection of heart-based healing crystals.


Rhodochrosite is the best stone against love and loneliness. It gives peace to the soul and let the sadness let go.


This stone is good to use for victims of abuse. It helps you to understand that evil people follow their evil nature and that mad people are mad, and sometimes they can not be guilty of what they are doing. Use this stone if you think something is hard to forgive.


Rhodochrosite is a remarkable stone for enhancing spirituality and attuning to one's higher self. Weather you use it as a jewelry, carry it, use in meditation or crystal healing layouts, it expands one's consciousness.  


In this way it is channeling spiritual awareness into your physical body to be manifested.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is, as the name says, a beautiful rose quartz. The color may vary from bright pastel pink to dark reddish. In rare cases, the Rose Quartz can be glass-clear, but it is usually slightly milky opaque, which gives a nice effect.


In the Middle Ages, crushed Rose Quartz was a medicine that would strengthen the heart and blood. It should also heal at the same time as it would secure happiness in love.


As the Vikings, also Rose quartz occurs in Norway, especially in southern Norway. It is said, as mentioned before, that the Vikings navigated after crystals, and also for healing benefits the Vikings used crystals, and especially Rose Quartz.


Rose Quartz opens your heart and gives you peace and quiet. A stone with powerful healing properties. It carries both body and soul, redeems old feelings and patterns, gives comfort and love.


Rose Quartz  helps you connect with your inner child, vulnerability, trust and innocence inside you. It is said to help with acne if it is rubbed against the skin. The rose Quartz is also nice to use in front of electrical appliance as it absorbs radiation.


Staurolitt ("Fairy Cross")

Staurolite is a stone that has a color from dark reddish brown to blackish brown, yellowish brown and very rarely blue.


Staurolite are often called "the Fairy Cross" as these stones are quite unique in that they naturally form a cross within the stone.


This mineral helps you stumble cigarettes, turn the cork on the bottle and stick to diets. With help from this stone everything you do to promote good health will be accomplished.


Staurolite is also good to bring along when you are travelling. It protects you, and if it does not prevent delays, it will in any case ensure that the delay is pleasant.


Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye has it's name after the eye of a tiger, and the colors are like that; rich layers of golden yellow to red-brown.


Tiger Eye stones is known to create balance between extremes. Like there is extreme differences in temperatures, the tiger eye inspired color is just the stone to balance between the dark and light.


This is a fabulous stone to take on a travel, as it wakes into life when it is in motion. This stone is used otherwise to promote courage, willpower and execution. It can also help you to pick up themes and get words on what annoys you. But, if you wear it for too long, you become arguing.


Tiger eyes should be placed at the front door, lying as a guard and watching that thieves do not think of breaking into the house. People with high blood pressure should wear Tiger eye whenever they go out.

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