What can Crystal Reiki do for You?

Crystals can be helpful in a lot of different ways for you, healing, stones  - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Switzerland
Crystals can be helpful in a lot of different ways for you.

A Reiki session combined with the power of healing Crystals results in an amazing healing experience. Even if both are gentle, together they are extremely effective. Both Reiki & Crystal Reiki work with the subtle body to clear and balance the energy centers.


Crystals can be helpful in a lot of different ways for you:

  • Crystals can direct the energy it resonates with in the person to a particular part of the body and balances this part.
  • Crystals can also be used to cleanse the body for negative energies that can create imbalances in the body.
  • When poor spiritual energy is cleaned, the condition of the body is improved.
  • Crystals can also be used for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Crystals can be used to promote pain relief.
  • Crystals can be used to relief pain and stress.
  • Other illness that can be treated with crystals can be; insomnia, arthritis, anxiety and depression.

 After crystal healing sessions, some patients say they

feel increased vitality, mental sharpness and

an improved awareness of their body.


How to use crystals:

  • Crystals can be worn.
  • Crystals can be placed next to or under the bed.
  • You can place crystals in the bathroom and in other rooms in the house. For example, several large rose quartz stones will calm down a restless mood in a room.
  • You can make a Crystal grid, as we often do in Crystal Reiki.


Every stone is usually composed of water, light and mineral. Similar substances are also found in our bodies, just not in such a solid form. Every stone has also a certain light that comes from the color of the stone. Each of these colors has its own oscillation number or wave of energy that try to harmonize with the oscillations around it. That's why the crystals are so good to the body and our environment.


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