What is Crystal Therapy?

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Reiki in combination with crystals is powerful.

Therapeutic use of crystals and stones has been known in many cultures from ancient times. The Egyptian Ebers Papyrus refers to the therapeutic effects of the stones on various health problems. The Bible refers to the qualities of the stones, often as symbols of spiritual qualities and used in religious rituals.


Hildegaard of Bingen recommended in the 1100s, among other things, topaz to cure bad vision. Traces of past perceptions are still in some mineral names, for example, "amethyst" means detoxifying or sober. Anselmus De Boot wrote in 1636 that the fact that stones work when placed on the body is so empirically documented that anyone who doubts this is called arrogant.

Crystal and stone therapy was also used by some Western doctors for up to a few centuries. Doctor George F. Kuntz, as early as this century, wrote a great piece of faith and superstition related to stones, believing that the belief in the stones' therapeutic properties has been universal. In recent times, with increasing focus on biochemical explanatory models, the effect of the stones was rejected as pure superstition.

Crystals and stones mean naturally occurring minerals, including precious stones. Many mineral species can form crystals, the rocks then have a natural geometric shape that reflects the inner atomic structure.

Crystals and stone therapy involves the use of stones and crystals for the purpose of resolving blockages and harmonizing bioenergetic systems. This usually takes place by placing the stones on the body or wearing them over time.

Traces of past beliefs are in some mineral names, for example, "amethyst" means levied or sober.

Probably because of an increasing ecclesiastical skepticism to the praise of the stones and the development of the scientific worldview,  this kind of therapy was almost oppressed and forgotten in Western culture.

Crystal researcher Marcel Vogel, Senior Researcher at IBM for 27 years, claims that a quartz crystal can enhance and focus energies in a therapeutic context. He believes that the crystals will collect and balance energy fields that are disturbed and that they also have such an effect on the mind.


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