The subconscious as a Chief Officer through life

Scientific research confirms that only 5% of our consciousness control all our actions in everyday life - in the remaining 95% decides your subconscious mind. In the depths of the subconscious, old memories and experiences are founded, especially from childhood. Comparable to the depths of the ocean, there is an autonomous life of its own, far from the surface and the consciousness. Based on your previous experiences and experiences, this life of its own gives constant impulses for your current actions and behavior. Obviously, it is next to impossible to control, optimize or change the triggers of your behavior through consciousness.

The trance state through hypnosis offers a wonderful access to the subconscious. It allows you to dive into the depths of the subconscious mind, to recognize old injuries, blockages and problematic beliefs and - if necessary - to dissolve them. In addition, positive experiences and images from hypnosis are integrated into the subconscious and anchored sustainably. These new experiences and images act as positive memories and give the subconscious mind in future situations new impulses for your actions and behavior.

We point out that the services offered do not replace the services of a doctor, psychologist or alternative practitioner. Our services as hypnotists are fundamentally different from the activities of the doctor or alternative practitioner. No diagnoses are made or promises made! No medical conditions are treated or medicines are given. If you are under medical treatment for any condition, do not interrupt it without first consulting with your doctor. Our services focus on health care and prevention.