Different Methods of Meditation

Meditate where you like, relax, full moon, alone - Heidi Faugli Feurer - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Meditate where you like.

There are different directions within meditation and in Buddhism there are three main types of meditations:

  • Meditation on Light shapes
  • Calming Meditation
  • Insight meditation

The techniques can be practiced individually or in combination.

Meditation on light shapes / Vajrayana

Within “The Diamond Vehicle” (Vajrayana), meditation is used on light shapes. This meditation form involves body, speech and mind where you actively purify and transform bad thoughts into your mind.

Meditation on light shapes is used only within “The Diamond Vehicle”. The meditation consists of focusing on a mental image of a Buddha. The light shapes consist of energy and light and are like holograms. A bright and clear Buddha form occurs in the room in front of you. During the construction phase, you create a mental image of a concrete Buddhist form and let your mind settle down. In the mantra phase you use a special sound (a mantra) to form a connection between you and the Buddhist form you meditate on. The mantra's vibration removes bad impression in the speech and helps to strengthen the concentration. In the completion phase, let the light form dissolve and let all the light flow into you. Then you let your mind rest in itself. Only presence exists. This is insight meditation. A variety of meditation on light forms is meditation on the lama. This is the fastest way to the illuminated state.


Calming meditation / Samatha

The calming meditation Samatha is a form of meditation that is also used in other practices than Buddhism. Most of all, non-Buddhist meditations are variations of this meditation. Calming meditation is not liberating in itself, but gives it the stability that is the prerequisite for being able to work effectively with the mind. With a stable mind, all you do will be precise and effective. Calming meditation can be trained with different techniques. The principle is to keep your attention in one place, such as a Buddhist figure or breath at the tip of your nose, and return here if you fall out of focus. Calming meditation trains the mind on the opposite of what it's used to. Instead of following thoughts and feelings that come and go, you let go of them and let them pass.


Insight meditation / Vipasyana

The insight Meditation Vipasyana aims to acknowledge the mind as it is. Insightful meditation is when the mind turns attention to itself and rests in its own luminous clear awareness. It is comparable to an eye that sees itself. Insights meditation is both simple and complicated. The form of meditation helps to break common beliefs about yourself and the world. This can happen both through analytical and abstract approaches. The goal is a direct experience of the mind, also called formless meditation. This experience exceeds any description. Through insight meditation you can have a lasting presence in the clear space of the mind. Insightful meditation is like an unbroken chain of aha experiences where everything is fresh and fresh every moment. In meditation meditation, the state of mind reveals and is perceived for what they are. Empty for self-esteem and independent creation.



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