Meditation during Pregnancy and Birth

Meditation during pregancy and birth is good both for the mother and the baby - Heidi Faugli Feurer - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Meditation during pregancy and birth is good both for the mother and the baby.

Our meditation has good exercises for you who are pregnant or if you have recently given birth. Through the meditation you will get more in touch with your essence and power so that you can be safer in the time before, during and after birth.

You will be able to get a complete contact with the child and be more consistent with the needs the child actually has. The meditation work directly with the hormone system, lymphatic system and other organs. You will be able to increase the flow of energy, presence and tranquility.

Meditation creates a safe atmosphere for you as pregnant. You will also have a greater awareness and presence during the pregnancy. The meditation includes sound, breath and motion that brings you into the meditative state. By being more present in your own life, you will be able to experience greater security in yourself and in your life, and more easily tackle challenges, worries and stress. This also give your baby a better start in life.

Our meditation is a dynamic, playful and effective form of meditation that brings you right into the core. It is adapted to our time and awareness. 


Practicing meditation during early pregnancy can reduce anxiety and stress at the time of labor. Meditation during the second trimester can significantly reduce pains you experience in the third trimester.


But in the third trimester, try not to stress yourself trying to meditate in a specific posture or for a specific duration.

5 Benefits of Meditating when Pregnant

1. You will to reduce your pregnancy stress

For a lot of women pregnancy not only give them happiness, but also stress for the new thing that is happening in their lives. Meditation activates the parasympathetic nervous system - a part of the nervous system that you otherwise have no control over. When this occurs, your heart rate and blood pressure drops, and your breathing and heart rate slow down. In this way you are able to release and stress less.


2. You will feel more balanced and happy

Most people feel more satisfied and less tense by meditating. It can even have a positive effect on anxiety, anxiety and depression, and make you more balanced. Meditation alters the balance of the signal substances in the brain to secrete larger amounts of the happiness hormone dopamine, and less of the stress hormones. This makes you both happier and more relaxed.


3. Your senses are enhanced and you will get to know your baby better

When you meditate, your senses are sharpened. Exercising to be present makes you feel better, taste and smell the world around you. In addition, you will be more aware of what is happening to the baby in the stomach. This in turn increase the interaction between you and the baby.


4. Your pain threshold increases and birth will not be so painful

Meditation has an analgesic effect and makes your pain threshold higher. The brain senses and responds differently to the pain of people who meditate regularly.This will help you both during pregnancy and not least during birth.


5. You will sleep better

Especially when you are pregnant it can be difficult to fall asleep as you may need to lay in other positions than before the pregnancy. Meditation calms down the body and helps you reduce anxiety and stress - and therefore it optimizes the possibility of a good night's sleep. If you have sleep problems, a daily dose of meditation before bedtime can be an excellent measure.


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