Meditation for Everyday

Meditate everywhere and whenever, outside, inside, relax - Heidi Faugli Feurer - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Meditate everywhere and whenever.


Sleep Induction Meditation

Meditation can help your sleep to be more effective. It can help us to sleep deeper. In a short period of time, meditation can make you in town to maximize your sleep. Along with meditation, you can minimize the amount of time you spend sleeping.

Research reports on the ancient Transcendental Meditation technique over the past 40 years show that regular exercise of the method removes stress, improves health and provides shorter sleep time and better sleep quality.

Meditation provides good relaxation and can break a vicious circle with tension and difficulty in releasing control and slipping into sleep.

Soul-healing Meditation


We are all made of energy, and energy gives rise to thoughts and underpins all social interactions. Anger is energy, sadness is energy, stuck energy contributes to disease and unhappiness.

You might feel multiple, perhaps contradictory emotions all arising at once. Giving yourself space to feel and heal is important for moving through these emotions. Meditating to heal emotions is a process of holding them in awareness until they dissipate. It heals both the soul and mind.


Chakra Meditation


According to the yoga tradition, human beings consist not only of the physical body but also of your energy system. Chakra meditation is a meditation that balances the body's chakra, which is the energy field in the body. The method focuses on each of the seven major chakras during the meditation.


Chakra meditation has the aim of achieving good health, well-being and balance in life.


Stress Relief Meditation

Meditation removes profound stress and balances mind, body and soul. Pulse and breath are reduced. Blood pressure is normalized.
Meditation reduces in this way stress, and not only is a method of coping with stress.


Stress reduction can consist of both thought and behavioral changes. Try to do something about the way in which tiresome situations and feelings are handled. We often take on tasks that we do not need in a situation that has become very tiresome.


By breathing meditation, which is a traditional method of meditation / yoga, the heart rate and the degree of unease in the body will be lowered.

Manifesting Meditation


Meditation and guided meditation are useful tools in manifesting as they enable you to “sync up” with who you really are and to focus on your true desires.


The first step for successful manifesting is that you feel good about what you want to bring about – and to feel good in general. As we say; like attracts like, so negative feelings and thoughts (depression, pessimism, stress etc) will make you attract more of the same to your life.


So as Meditation allows the mind to quiet which allows your natural frequency to rise as your mind is taken off of anything that may have been bothering you. Meditation calm both your mind and your body, making you feel more well-being. So when you then decide for a manifesting from a place of general pleasure and piece of mind, the results of that manifestation must become good.


Sleep Meditation / Yoga Nidra

Sleep meditation is a state between being awake and sleeping. Here you put yourself in a ‘yodic sleep’, essentially a state in which the body is completely relaxed but mentally aware. It is used as a relaxation method for both the mind, body and soul.


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