Was ist Meditation?

Meditation under Full Moon - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Meditation under Full Moon

Meditation is often used as a common term for methods within the philosophical practice of the East. Meditation is a tool used when working on the mind. How meditation works depends on what you want to achieve in meditating. Buddhism has only an overall goal that is to acknowledge the nature of the mind.


There are different directions within meditation and within Buddhism (as we practice) there are three types of meditation;


  • calming meditation
  • insight meditation
  • meditation on light shapes


The techniques can be practiced individually or in combination.


If you meditate on a daily practice, meditation practice becomes a laboratory in which you work with the possibilities of the mind. In Tibetan is called meditation Gom. It means practicing, and that is precisely what meditation is about. You practice exercising your mind and let it rest in itself.


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