Reiki & Meditation for Students

Lack of concentration for students can be frustrating. Reiki, meditation, relax - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Switzerland
Lack of concentration for students can be frustrating.

Lack of concentration?

The greatest challenge for students and children when it comes to performing at school and in their studies, is related to concentration.


Often it is the mental hyperactivity that prevents us from learning. Both Reiki, by harmonizing universal vital energy, and Meditation help us calm the mind, relax in the body and calm emotions. These are conditions necessary to achieve full capacity to learn.


If you want to be able to easier concentrate and perform better at school, we can help you.


With out 30 minutes lesson/treatment which is a combination of Meditation and Reiki we will give you the inner peace you need for your studies. We do not promise you that one lesson is enough, but after 2 - 3 lessons you might be able to do relax by your self with different techniques.


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