What is a session like and what is the price?

Overview over lessons in Yoga, Meditation & Reiki

Overview over lessons in Yoga, Meditation & Reiki.


This is an overview of our basic prices bu as we often have different offers and special courses/workshops pleas look at our "Termin vereinbaren/Preise" where you also can book lessons, courses, workshop. Booking can also be made to me directly on SMS to 078 739 68 25.





45 min., max 5 persons                                       chf     30,-

45 min., privat lessions                                        chf     55,-

60 min., max 5 persons                                       chf     40,-

60 min., privat lessons                                         chf     75,-






45 min., max 5 persons                                           chf     45,-

45 min., privat lessons, beginner                           chf     80,-

1 Day course, max 5 persons/5 hours                  chf    270,-

Workshop                                                                   chf


Yoga Nidra



30 min., max 5 persons                                          chf   45,-

30 min., privat lessons                                            chf   75,-






30 min.                               chf     30.-
45 min.                               chf     45.-
60 min.                               chf     60,-




Reiki, level 1                     chf  600,-

Reiki, level 2                     chf  700,-

Reiki, Master&Teacher   chf  1200,-





Often clients like to combine Yoga with an Meditation session at the end, that can really give a good feeling after a session. Or we can do a short Meditation before your Reiki sessions, so you are totally relaxed in your body and ready to receive Reiki energy.


Everybody have different needs, so I will set up program and price on request individually, but for example would a yoga lesson with meditation, 1 h 15 min cost around 130,- chf.


These sessions are in English, Norwegian and German.


For further information please contact me on: