Reiki Master & Teacher Heidi Faugli Feurer - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Reiki Master & Teacher Heidi Faugli Feurer




"Through Reiki, the human being

is first made healthy,

then peace of mind and the joy

of living are increased."

Mikao Usui


Reiki - the harmonizing, universal energy

As the main instructor and responsible for Reiki, Crystal Reiki,Yoga and Meditation here at Mental Professionals, I will welcome you to this wonderful experience of Reiki. "Usui Reiki Method" will change your mind and body for the better.


Reiki is a gentle, wonderful universal harmonizing energy that promotes self-healing and well-being. No special talent is needed to use Reiki, each of us carries "Reiki in the body", even children.  Reiki is everywhere.
Many customers feel a Reiki treatment as extremely pleasant, often they feel a relaxing and unusual rest in themselves, a warmth or a tingling sensation during the treatment.
Surprising results can often already be seen after a treatment with the customer.  This harmonious energy treatment is suitable for all people, in all age groups. Reiki helps to dissolve blockades, eliminate stress and activate self-healing powers.

As Reiki is working with your body's own energy, it is safe and easy. Aslo for children or if you are pregnant this method of energy healing is completely safe.


Reiki is great to create and maintain balance and harmony in your live.  Reiki is not only meant to heal but to increase awareness as well.


So again welcome and your journey starts with us!


Heidi F. Feurer


Workshops and Treatments

We offer both Workshops and Treatments, built up for your need. The Workshop's runs normally during 2 days in the weekends, and have normally max 5 participants. All the Workshop's/Courses are certified, and you can do it for your own benefit to learn self-treatment, or you can become a certified Reiki Teacher & Master.


Our Treatment is individual and we offer guidance both before and after a treatment.


Hope to see you!


Heidi F. Feurer


"Nice location who was easy to find. Nice deco, not too dark but warm and soothing atmosphere. Felt very relaxed, warm and safe during the treatment."

Claudia, 24


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