The history of Crystals Therapy & Reiki

Norwegian Vikings crystals, reiki - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Norwegian Vikings navigated after crystals.


In addition to regular Reiki, we also perform crystal Reiki.

Crystal reiki is a form of healing that combines the two alternative healing modalities of Reiki (read more under the section "Reiki") and Crystal healing.


Using crystals with Reiki allows us not only to shape Reiki energy, but also give the Reiki energy a different type of strength, according to what the crystal is charged with. Often are the crystals placed on the clients body regarding to the 7 main Chakras.


Crystal healing has been around for centuries. The philosophy behind crystal and stone healing is that each stone has an energy that promotes different qualities in that person wearing or using it. For example, amethyst is believed to purge aura and convert unwanted energies, and it has a protective quality and can also calm a person. Clear quartz, on the other hand, is believed to improve the properties of any other stones and crystals it is used with, so that quartz crystals are frequently used during a Crystal Reiki healing session.


The treatment methods have examples in earlier cultures, including Egyptians, Hindi Indians, Pacific cultures and traditional Chinese medicine. Crystals were also used by some Western doctors
all the way up to approx. 1850.


And as I am Norwegian I have to mention that British scientists claims to have found out how the Vikings navigated in clouds and fog. They mean that the Vikings used special crystal stones to find the directions of the sky, writes the science magazine New Scientist.

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