Energy Work with Reiki

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Reiki Energy is everywhere.

Reiki energy flows to those areas that need it best at the moment. A practitioner does diagnose, only help your body's energy to go where it is most needed. The energy automatically searches for imbalances and diseased vibration in the body. You can not determine the result in advance, but you can always trust that what's right is right for you.

The body is treated for energy blockage with positive energy. The frequency of the body's energies increases so negative energy can be dissolved and disappear. With Reiki you cleans the energy channels and allows the life force to flow freely. When the energy flows again without blockages, the body gets the chance to heal itself.


Reiki is completely harmless and since it is your own energy that is worked with, it can never be dangerous. You also do not have to believe that it works, but if you feel confident you will open up and receive the power deeper and more intense.

In order for a healing to last, a change is required on three levels: mind-minded, behavioral and emotional. Then the body can maximize life energy and healing becomes permanent. Therefore, it is important that you are open and willing to undergo emotional / mental changes in order not to create new blockages again.

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