Reiki & Children

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Connect with your child through Reiki

Children and babies have normally a better access to Reiki than adults. Newborn babies can enjoy Reiki in connection with the upheaval it is to be born and should relate to a world of different nutrition, higher sounds, changing temperatur etc. Most babies are very sensitive to moods, emotions and energies. In this way Reiki has a calming effect, and can also help to reduce colic pain as well when they are crying.

Bigger children - both toddlers and children of school age - may use Reiki to help to relaxing and managing sleeping problems.
Reiki can increase self-esteem and self-confidence in children. Also to increase concentration and their ability to immerse themselves, limit outbursts and anxiety, and reduce stress and depression.

The relationship between children and parents has a direct and comprehensive impact on the lives of all involved. It is not always that love and understanding characterize the relationship between children and parents. Often misunderstandings, conflicts and emotional trauma occur. In particular, the first three years of life and puberty are often very problematic and difficult for both sides, and sometimes devastating.

Relationship between parents and children should be characterized by tolerance, kindness, understanding, love and unity. Of course, all people are different and it is not always easy to be close to each other and handle each other in the right way. Transfers, projections, fears and a stressful everyday life with their stresses, stress and all the demands made often create major challenges between parents and children.

Nevertheless, it is very important to cure the roots for the problems that occurred during the upbringing.

Research has also shown that children with diagnosis such as autism, ADHD, ADD and Asperger react very well to Reiki. Because Reiki is so balanced on mental, emotional, mental and physical level, this helps the children on so many levels. In many countries, Reiki is already in childcare.


So why not take a Reiki course to improve both your or your families life, or give your child a treatment by us.


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