Reiki during Pregnancy

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Reiki is harmless both for mummy and baby.

Reiki can give the expectant mother a feeling of deep calm and positivity. It can strengthen the bond and the relationship between mother and child in a considerate, harmonious and loving manner.

Reiki against fatigue, stress and anxiety in pregnancy

Pregnancy can be strenuous for the expectant mother, and a lot of pregnant women experience some kind of pregnancy problems. Here, Reiki can also be a welcome help as it can reduce:

  • fatigue
  • pain in the lower back
  • morning sickness
  • high blood pressure
  • mood swings
  • stress
  • emotional challenges both during and after pregnancy

Pregnant women who receive Reiki in the last stages of pregnancy feel that this strong energy flows around the stomach and that the child is positively affected.

At my Reiki courses with participants who were pregnant, they all said that it had a positive impact on the baby. Both children and mom felt more relaxed and happy after a Reiki treatment or Reiki self-treatment (as one learns in Reiki Level 1).


During birth and afterwards

Reiki can also be used during birth. Here it can help reduce pain and give a feeling of having more control over oneself over the years.


At the same time, Reiki can help the child with the transition from the safe, warm stomach to the stomach and the turmoil of being pushed and pushed into a new world filled with bright, cold and loud sounds.

For the first time after birth, Reiki can support both mother, father and child both physically and mentally.

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Another area where Reiki has also proved useful is infertility. Couples who have trouble getting children can use Reiki to solve the problem of infertility in a harmless treatment. With Reiki Energy, imbalances in the abdomen and reproductive areas can be solved.


Often are also couples that struggle with infertility stressed. With Reiki the couples learn to relax both in their mind and body, and in this way it helps them to get pregnant.

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