Reiki & Essential Oils

Space/room Claring

Reiki is a powerful but natural energy that helps us to manifest our reality. Our bodies and the world use this energy to sustain ourselves.

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that are extracted from the bark, leaves, stems, flowers and roots of plants. Plants have an energetic lever that reach far surpasses their physical footprint and are powerful, and their energy frequency can help you shift the energy in a space/room depending on your needs.


Different oils helps for different moods so just let you intuition or you intention help you to choose how you would like to feel when you enter the specific space/room.


One way of doing this can be like this;


Sense the atmosphere in the room.

Make up your mind for who the feel and set an intention.

Choose the essential oil you will use, some good oils for this is Lemongrass, Lavender, Tea Tree or Frankincense.

Visualize the Reiki symbols in the room.

Use a diffuse for you oils and let the aroma flow in the room.


After a short while you will feel the room change it's atmosphere and you will feel the mood you have chosen.


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