Wellbeing with Yoga

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Feel good with Yoga

What can Yoga do for You?

Do we treat our body as we should? Do we struggle with in the today's society? Could we do a life change if we treat our body better?


Too little time, massive demands from the surroundings, always open communication channels, abundance of things we want/have to contribute and fear of missing something. In our recovery of simultaneous capacity, we have almost lost the ability to focus, disconnect the outside world and set limits.

The physical effects of the society we live in are stress injuries.


We cut off the natural connection between the head and body, and eventually we just become head. The body becomes malformed, underloaded, statically loaded etc. and it gets sick of it. We have too short muscles at the back of our thighs because we sit on chairs all day long. It can easily cause back pain. We have too short muscles in the hips, from stress or from the back pain. We have too short breast muscles, and thus poor attitude. We have pain in the neck muscles due to static tension ... the list is long.


As Yoga is not about quantity, it's about quality - about going deeper into the knowledge of the body as it works. And you will, after some lessons, experience inner peace and a distinctive awareness of the body.



We will claim that the effects of yoga are as much physical as mental.


Physical effects


  • Increased strength
  • Increased mobility/agility, especially in muscle groups that are prone to stress tension and in muscles that lead to poor posture when short
  • Increased body awareness/control. It's worth gold for us, who mostly do not have much control under the shirt.
  • Increased combustion along the way during exercise time
  • Better attitude
  • Improved breathing pattern, which in turn is associated with stress, and poor posture, which also will help you to relax and at the same time increase your energy
  • Reduced risk of stress disorder such as back pain, shoulder / neck problems, and all other diseases / conditions associated with stress

Mental effects

  • Stress reduction
  • Internal dialogue
  • The ability to know what you like and manage, which in turn increases the ability to set limits
  • Restitution from life
  • Ability to concentrate on one thing at a time
  • Ability to lead yourself into relaxation
  • Experience of feeling strong
  • Help to bring clarity

 So if you would like to feel better…..try Yoga!


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