What is Yoga?

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Yoga in the nature

Yoga originates from India and is part of many thousands of years old ayurvedic health system. The word yoga means - directly translated from Sanskrit: 'to bring together' or 'to unite'. It is uniting body and soul that is the purpose of yoga.It is a psycho-physical form of exercise, where the goal is both physical and mental health.


In the West, we often think of the term yoga only in relation to the physical form, but it is also largely about breathing exercises, ethics, rules of conduct, concentration and meditation. In the yoga world, you often distinguish between dynamic and classical Yoga. In classical yoga, you are resting between the positions, while in dynamic yoga, exercise continues to work together by linking the exercises together to a dynamic flow. This increases the exercise effect and is more difficult to perform. Thus, the classic yoga becomes more characterized by calm and the dynamic becomes more physically demanding. Other forms of dynamic yoga are Ashtanga, Lyengar and Power Yoga.


Yoga are based on these foundations:


  • Harmony between exercises and breath
  • Physical exercises that are often divided into Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara), (dynamic exercises), standing exercises, sitting/lying exercises and up-down exercises (mains, shoulder standing etc.)
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation

Pranayama, Asana & Meditation

In yoga, breathing is combined with physical postures as the purest form. Breathing in and out in the right places while performing a posture also ensures that the body is better protected from injury.

By controlling the breath, you add more oxygen to the brain and blood, and you increase the prana, the life energy.

Yoga poses, called asana, should purify the body and make it strong and enduring. This is intended to prepare the body for long meditation.


What can you achieve with regular yoga exercises:

If you sit a lot in a work context or have a stressed lifestyle, stiff and tight muscles are not abnormal. Also well-trained people are bothered by this. Whether you are an athlete or exercising, yoga will add more movement and muscle relaxation.

Imbalance and weakness in various body parts can also be counteracted by a fixed yoga practice. Varied yoga positions (asanas) with controlled movement will strengthen the joints.


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