Yoga & Children

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Yoga for children are primarly about having fun!

Yoga is no longer a form of fitness for adults only. Now, children also have the opportunity to get to know body and mind through the ancient exercises of the East.

Yoga for kids is about having fun, keeping focus and letting your body relax. Yoga for children has become a popular activity that can be organized, at school or simply on the living room floor at home.


What is Yoga for Children?

When children exercise yoga, they train a simplified edition of traditional yoga. We learn the children simple breathing techniques and relaxation exercises through visualization. Some also use songs and music. The aim is that the children should learn to focus, calm down and physically use the body while allowing the imagination to get free playroom.


When doing yoga, he children get to move, play, be creative and learn simple tools that they can use to have a better life in their everyday lives. Yoga is a performance-free zone. It is a tolerant place where children's well-being increases by allowing them to play, learn, listen and be just the way they are.

For the youngest children we do exercises where we imitate an animal or something from the plant world. These are pictures that children can easily recognize.

The biggest difference between yoga and other sports is that there is no competition-me and no performance requirements.


It's primarily about having fun!


Children grow up with many impulses around them. They are required and will perform in many venues. Many children feel stressed because of this. Yoga and meditation are then good techniques to calm down and get better contact with your own body and mind.


There is a lot of research in the field of children and yoga that shows that yoga and meditation have a good effect on children's mental health and well-being.


Why children should do Yoga?

Yoga is a method that makes the whole child feel good, both in body, mind and soul. For example, yoga for children can help children become more aware of their emotions, gain self-confidence, and have a greater ability to concentrate. Other effects include increased physical agility, coordination, balance and more energy. When children learn the techniques of yoga, just like adults, they can face life's challenges a little better. They learn what to do if a situation feels difficult, such as dealing with irritation or anger.

8 tips for a successful yoga session with children

  • Wear comfortable clothes and find a place with plenty of space.
  • Light candles and watch calm music to get the right mood.
  • Be curious, bring in play and imagination.
  • Try out different positions. Have fun!
  • Respect the body. Yoga should not hurt.
  • Add time to relaxation or meditation.
  • Do it with your child, this will strengthen the cohesion between you!
  • Look at it as quality time between parents and children, and you will all have a nice time together.

Let the children decide for themselves whether or not to join. They often become curious and imitate some movements when they see adults doing them. It is important to lay aside all the requirements for perfection or try to make them do just like you.

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