Yoga during and after Pregnancy

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Yoga during Pregnancy


"Breathing in, I calm my body and mind. Breathing out I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment. I know this is the only moment."

~ Thich Nhat Hanh


The word Yoga means uniting or connecting. The essence is to connect with the love and presence that is always present in us and around us. Living a spiritual life. During pregnancy, Yoga is largely about making a deep connection with your baby, and giving this little Buddha- consciousness the best already in childhood.


Pregnancy training like Yoga and Pilates has lots of positive effects, both for yourself and your child. It is a great tool for getting to know your body better, and it has many benefits for both mom and baby. By practicing yoga regularly, you prepare your body for a birth and create better prerequisites to recover quickly. Yoga can also help you to get more energy, deal with unrest in advance of birth and strengthen the strain of the baby inside your stomach.


The physical yoga positions will strengthen and smooth the body, prevent genes, increase blood circulation and your overall well-being. And then you get the whole body through, so you feel easy and comfortable. With yoga for pregnant women, you discover your resources and the inner force that is present in you to support you during your pregnancy and childbirth. You develop a meditative ability so you can keep your mind inward and stay centered even when the unexpected happens and you learn to prevent and alleviate typical pregnancy genes.

You create a deeper connection with your baby, and you learn how to support your baby to sit optimally in the pelvis. Yoga for pregnant women, also commonly called prenatal yoga, is almost the same as yoga for the non-pregnant.

Not only is it relaxing and incredibly comfortable, it gives your body an incredibly good workout that will help improve your entire appearance.

Yoga for pregnant women is great for waiting mothers who do not want to go to the fitness center or attend training that would be too stressful for themselves and the child.


Benefits of pregnancy training

  • Sets the mind and gives you relaxation.
  • Provides better blood circulation.
  • Get more energy.
  • Strengthens the body and makes it easier to carry the extra kilos.
  • Strengthens the pelvis.
  • Reduces pregnancy problems such as nausea, cramps, swelling, heartburn and weight loss.
  • Prepare for delivery and deal with delivery in the best way.
  • Strengthens the band to the baby in your stomach.
  • Handle anxiety, fear, anxiety before childbirth.
  • Reduce and facilitate common pregnancy.
  • Increase your well-being during pregnancy.
  • Increase your body awareness.
  • Faster recovery after childbirth.

During pregnancy, much is happening in the body and

mind, and it may be a good time to turn your eyes

in and learn to listen to their body.

Especially important before birth!


Important note!

The most important thing during a pregnancy is to listen to your body. Never push anything forward, and if your body want to rest you should do it. Focus on maintaining, slowing down, and feeling calm. Yoga can be adapted completely according to your daily form and physical conditions. Feel what you need and let go of all the demands on achievement. Take the opportunity to get to know yourself and your baby, inside and out!


Although yoga is a wonderful tool for a pregnant woman, there may be reasons for avoiding physical yoga completely.


If you suffer from severe pelvic floor cramps, as well as early pelvis solution, be careful and consult your midwife or doctor.


If you experience disturbed vision, acute nausea, sudden swelling, bleeding, fever or convulsions, severe migraines, persistent pain, loss of fetal movement or pregnancy poisoning, you should refrain from yoga and contact your doctor or midwife directly.

Also, keep in mind that the body becomes "softened" from within during pregnancy, as the hormone relaxin makes tissues and ligaments in the body softer. Some women get a larger dose of relaxin, which makes you looser in the joints. This is positive for delivery, but be careful not to overcome you and get any damage that occurs later in life.


If you have done yoga before, you can do a very gentle

workout in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy,

if not - you should only start after 14 weeks.

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