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Yoga for neck and back pain


How can I be so sure that Yoga will help you to reduce your pain? This I can be sure of as I myself have had trouble with both for years. Late in my 30's I discovered that much of my pain in my back and neck was related to different things; first of all I was born with an extra vertebra in my back, second I had a tear injury in the lower vertebra due to gymnastics and last I had had and accident in my 20's that had caused a whiplash in my neck.


As I had been doing Yoga and other forms for exercises since my youth I ended up, after consultation with a doctor, that to prevent further injuries and to not end up with an operation, I should keep on with Yoga. And so I did and so far this has made me able to keep on with my life as normal, and this I would like to help others with also. As my special program for back and neck pain is based on slow movements and strains/stretches, it should no do you any harm and it's you body that decide how much you can do. We have always to listen to our body what it tell us!


With Yoga I can not fix your medical problem, for this you have to consult a doctor, but I can help you to get more flexible, reduce the pain, and also reduce the risk that you will get a strain injury due to for example sedentary work. If you would like to read more about yoga and back pain, here is a British study  that show how patients with chronic lumbar spine can get better back yoga than usual treatment.


So hopefully I will see You at my next session :)


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