Yoga Nidra Meditation

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Yoga Nidra can be performed everywhere.

Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique that is also known as Yoga sleep. As we practice this technique, we allow the body to fall asleep while allowing the mind to be conscious and retaining full focus. Yoga Nidra helps us find a deep relaxation that can help solve physical and mental tension.

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique performed lying in Savasana, dead man's position. In Sanskrit, Nidra's sleep and Yoga Nidra are often called sleepless sleep when we are in a state between awakening and sleep, where the body enters a very deep form of relaxation. The condition is called hypnogogical tooth or alpha state. This meditation form can be used as deep relaxation, the release of memories stuck in the subconscious and consciousness, as well as creating a more conscious presence. Through "yogic sleep" we want to get the body into a state of sleep while the mind is alert and focused.

In more advanced Yoga Nidra practice, practitioners can enter a deep sleep and still keep their full attention. Yogis call this state of "superconscious", a higher form of consciousness. Here, vigilance, dreams and deep sleep are mixed through sustained attention in all of these states, thus linking our consciousness, subconscious, and unconsciousness.

Common to all Yoga Nidra practices is body scanning, or moving consciousness into and around the body. Different schools and traditions do this differently.

Yoga Nidra can be used to treat post-traumatic stress in military veterans, for anxiety, depression, stress and drug abuse. Yoga Nidra is used as a method in a program to treat posttraumatic stress in veterans in the United States.


7 short fact about Yoga Nidra

1. Yoga Nidra is deep relaxation

Yoga Nidra is a meditation technique that is also known as yoga sleep, it is a deep relaxation rather than pure meditation. As we allow the body to fall asleep we are allowing the mind to be conscious and retaining full focus. To say it short; You relax but are still fully aware!


2. Yoga Nidra is easy

There is no need of any specific outfit or equipment. Your yoga instructor guides you through the hole session, you only need to lay down and relax. You just need to listen, observe and let your mind and body relax!


3. Yoga Nidra gives you more energy

It is said that 30 min. of Yoga Nidra is like 3 hours sleep! As a lot of people today feel exhausted of all the stress at work and in life generally, what is then better than to have a little break to charge the batteries during the day, like during lunch time.


4. Yoga Nidra reduce stress

As you start the practise start with some personal positive intentions, you can focus on positive things and let stress or bad habits go, get rid of stress and restore the mind.


5. Yoga Nidra do not take much time

As an ideal session is only 30 min and you do not need to bring anything, so most of you will have time to join a session during the day. 


6. Yoga Nidra is a perfect ending after yoga

As in other training types the body need to have a “warm up” before certain yoga sessions, the body also need to cool down and get back to normal when you are finished. What a better way to gain this than with Yoga Nidra!


7. Yoga Nidra is Tantra

The tantric tradition forms the basis of so refined methods such as the depth of tension Yoga Nidra, where practitioners focus attention on different body parts, and the meditation Antar Mauna (Inner silence). Through concentration, increased awareness is created on the different parts of the body in Yoga Nidra.


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