5-hours Meditation Workshop

Meditation Workshop for everyone!, relax, light, kids, grown ups - Mental Professionals, Dietikon, Zürich
Meditation Workshop for everyone!


If you are not sure of that Meditation is something for you or you do not know what kind of Meditation that would suits you, this might be the course for you!

In this Meditation Workshop we will introduce you for different kinds of Meditation - so just:


"Breath in - Breath out"

and get started!

In this 5-hours Meditation Workshop, we will have an introduction to i.a.:

  • Mindfulness meditation (presence/let go/breathing)
  • Focused meditation/Candle meditation (inner peace)
  • Mantra meditation (inner peace)
  • Transcendental meditation (inner peace)
  • Kundalini/Chakra meditation (stress management)
  • Yoga Nidra (relaxation)

 Meditation can help you to:

  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce anxiety
  • decrease pain
  • ease symptoms of depression
  • improve sleep
  • relax
  • find inner peace
  • let go of thoughts
  • manage srtess
  • ....and more....

If You join us on a Sunday, You will feel your mind and body benefit from it!

When you have join this workshop you will know what kind of meditation that works for you, and you can yourself decide wherever you would like to join Mental Professionals Meditation courses or practice it by yourself at home.


Please look at the "Termin vereinbaren" for dates.


Time: 11.00 am - 16.00 pm
Duration: 5-hours/1 day
Place: Dietikon, Switzerland

Price: CHF 390.00 per day, incl. te/water/coffee and fruits/snacks
Language: English and Norwegian
You do not need to bring anything as we have yoga mats for every participant, just dress in comfortable clothes and join us.
It will be no stress and you will get an introduction to every different method of meditation, before we practice.
Would you like to know more about meditation, just look here, and max 5 persons on each workshop, so book early on: heidi@mental-professionals.com.
Hope to see You!


Heidi Faugli Feurer


For further information or/and booking, please contact me on: