Everyday Yoga & Meditation

Join us in our pleasant and cozy studio for a start on your Everyday Yoga and Meditation practice. In this 4-hours course you will get to know Yoga and Meditation that you can use in your everyday life. The first part we learn Yoga and in second part we learn Meditation.


In a small group you learn in your peace the different Yoga positions and breathing techniques, so you can enjoy Yoga with a peaceful mind.

In the Meditation part you also learn what is most comfortable for you when i comes to sitting and hand positions so you can relax in the way you should, and be able to concentrate on breathing, symbols and inner peace.

We close up the day with a 20-minutes Yoga Nidra that is a meditation technique that is also known as Yoga sleep. As we practice this technique, we allow the body to fall asleep while allowing the mind to be conscious and retaining full focus. Yoga Nidra helps us find a deep relaxation that can help solve physical and mental tension.


Our courses and lessons are always focused on you, that you should feel well, relaxed and welcome, and at the same time we have a lot of fun. No questions is wrong and age, gender, size does not matter, come as you are.


A short summary of the program:


  • Traditional Sun Salutation Yoga (Surya Namarskara)- positions, breathing, how to use the positions for flexibility or/and fitness
  • Relaxing Yoga for your Neck & Back - here we learn how solve and prevent problems that you might get from a daily work, relaxing you body and feel refreshed
  • Break incl. tee/water/coffee & fruit
  • Sitting & Hand positions in Meditation - preparation for Meditation
  • Outer Silence (Bahir Tratak) - learn to be aware of everything around you with help of Light Meditation
  • Inner Silence (Amtar Trataka/Mauna) -  here we use psychic symbol to have inner silence and peace
  • Yoga Nidra - relaxing Yoga Meditation


Please look at the "Termin vereinbaren" for dates.


Price: 250.00 chf

Duration: 4 hours

Time: 11.00-15.00


Join us for a cheerful course.


Kind regards