Reiki Refresh Course


Long time since you had your last Reiki class or were practicing Reiki?


Now You can dust Your Reiki skills.


If you have previously trained in Reiki, this one day course will help refresh your Reiki knowledge. The course is intended for people who studied Reiki before, with an other teacher or by us, but have not used their skills for a while and need to boost their confidence.


You must have completed First Degree or Second Degree Reiki previously in order to attend these courses. You will need to provide a copy of your First and Second Degree Certificate when booking.


Course details:

  • Discussion on where you are currently at with your Reiki, your experience, what to fresh up
  • Repeating and practising all Reiki hand positions (self treatment and others)
  • Repeating and practising of the three Reiki symbols
  • Repeating Preparing your self for a session on others (meditation, oils etc.)
  • Repeating Distant Healing procedures
  • Meditations for your own self development (Your Reiki guide, Reiki box etc.)


Mental Professionals will cover the content from her Reiki First & Second Degree Manuals  and give answer on your questions.



  • Teaching Material: Reiki Manuals
  • Lunch and snacks incl. water/tea/coffee


Note: I do not offer certificates at the end of these courses as they are simply refresher training courses.


Price: CHF 500.00

Duration: 1 Day (10.00 am to 5.00 pm)


Please look at the "Termin vereinbaren" for dates.


Benefits of joining this course


Re-discover and deepen your personal connection to reiki.


Refreshing Reiki course can re-awaken your love for Reiki, and reconnect you with the inner knowing that you ARE Reiki.


During a refresher course people often remember that deep sense of peace that comes from self-practice. They also heal themselves and begin to see where they have created blocks around their self-practice. They release the emotions and patterns that are holding them back.


You can grow in confidence – ask questions and get new information.


It may be years since you’ve taken your reiki course, you may think you’ve forgotten everything, wonder about hand positions, how to fit it into your life and day.  The refresher course is an opportunity to practice, ask  questions and fill in any gaps you may have.


There is always potential to go deeper, and when you refresh your knowledge, you can pay more attention to new information or gain a new perspective on it.


Learn that Reiki is never ending.


It’s called a Reiki Practice and a practice is something that is done daily. Just like yoga, eating healthy, it is best done regularly.


You might come aware that you have done a technique before but approaches it as if learning for the first time. You might get a different experience than on the last course and, sometimes, profound realizations that were not apparent before.


Opportunity to connect with others.


Many students feel that they are alone especially if they have no one to share their experiences. On this course you can share experiences and talk about Reiki with peers.


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